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Read more about the API integration If you're using option 2 (Single Sign-On via API), your customers will access the customer portal via your application/website and this section is not applicable to you.If you've selected option 1 (via portal login page), your customers should create their account through your portal (https:// After customers enter their email address and submit it, the system checks if the email address is present in your Chargebee site.If the email address is not present, then the customer will get an error that the email address provided was not found.If it is present, the customer will receive a confirmation email with a link to create their account with the password.Beware of emails that ask your for personal or login information.

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Here the portal signup URL mail merge field is appropriate, as customers are signing up for the first time.Chargebee provides an out-of-the-box customer portal system to help your customers manage their account.The portal lets your customers view/update their account details, subscriptions (upgrade/downgrade plans and addons), card details, billing address, past payments, subscription details, shipping address (if present) and cancel their subscriptions themselves.All the email notifications have default content available, which you can modify to your liking.Emails sent by Chargebee vary based on the version of email notification you have enabled for your Chargebee site.

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