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Why invite unnecessary obstacles and tensions by initiating a relationship with someone who does not share your deepest beliefs?

You won’t want to have to sacrifice your beliefs (and with them your integrity) in favor of your heart’s desire.

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Every time I see that TV commercial for the Christian Mingle dating service, I am torn between the rival urges to vomit and to laugh.

But there is a deeper and more important issue here.

Some guy, seeking God’s will for his life, prays, “Show me your will” and lets his Bible fall open randomly.

Closing his eyes, he stabs a finger at the text, which happens to read, “Judas went out and hanged himself.” Spooked, he tries again, only this time he comes up with the verse, “Go thou and do likewise.” Really alarmed now, he makes one last attempt and gets “What thou doest, do quickly.” One hopes he did not carry out the suicidal mandate of his imagined oracle but instead concluded that this was not the method to pursue! In other words, it is simple common sense, good advice.

We see the same phenomenon when we look at the advice given to earnest young Evangelicals for vocational choice: should Tim become a missionary or should he serve Christ “under cover” in a secular occupation? Evangelical counselors are reality-minded enough not to encourage their youth to rely on voices from heaven or “feeling led.” They know they would be inviting trouble through such subjectivity.

Remember the joke that these very people sometimes tell as a cautionary tale.

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