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The smallest gardens are generally mowable with either a hand push or electric corded mower, while medium to large ones might make the trailing wire annoying, leading you to consider a battery operated or petrol-fuelled cordless.

You’re now ready to think about the different types available.

It’s a doddle to navigate around tricky areas and also gets the thumbs up for being able to mow swiftly and it's surprisingly quietly, covering up to 400 square metres on one charge.

But you’ll need to buy the battery separately and it won’t put stripes on your lawn.

Part of the world-renowned Hayter Harrier range (known for world-class engineering), you’ll be hard pushed to find a mower that gives better stripes for average-sized lawns.

It is beautifully built, can be used in pretty much any conditions and you can get right up to borders, saving you time on strimming edges afterwards.

Don’t forget to consider what will happen to the grass.

We’ve tested mowers on small, medium and large lawns to bring you the best of them.

Plus, it should last you way longer than most mowers.

Buy now The hover functionality on this new petrol powered machine gives outstanding manoeuvrability and makes it particularly good for smaller gardens with awkward spots, such as rough terrain, or slopes or ditches.

Buy now If you’ve only got a small patch of grass to look after, this basic and lightweight mower is a great buy.

Kept wallet-friendly by the lack of need for electricity, petrol or batteries, it’s also eco-friendly and it has plenty of handy features including a padded handle, large grass collector and it has easily enough power to keep your lawn looking presentable.

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