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Our female criminal investigator, who uncovered flight logs exposing Assange’s links to the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile ring, has been in contact with @Piper Belle Rose.Vegas-based Piper Belle Rose said that when she first was contacted by Bernstein through the camsite, MFC, the main topic of conversation was her client’s relationship with his wife, Rieka Jackson.Piper Belle Rose said the game was the subject of her custom video of the same name he paid her to create on IWant and that she keeps compromising photos of all her clients on an encrypted harddrive to later use against them.

It’s Bernstein, Buzz Feed’s senior computer hacker and tech expert, who has a CIA background and conducted field work for Mossad in Egypt’s torture and detention centers in 2006.

The operation to smear Toddand and cover up Assange’s unlawful sex offenses on our site, was devised by Wikileaks and code named “Nigger Treatment”.

The operation involved a shock and awe trolling campaign to smear a very diverse group of public and private personalities, citing random connections to create a smokescreen and draw the trail away from Assange.

The Buzz Feed insider, who is female, said there are deeper, racial tension reasons for Bernstein’s involvement in operation N–ger treatment, and his willingness to help Julian Assange squash Todd and Clare, which relate to Mr Berstein’s Jewish faith.

[Telephone transcript]Buzz Feed Source: “The US Government actually looked into Toddand

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