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In Spanish Germania or cant, two ochavos, or farthings, are called: dui cales. Shillings: dui collor a crookos, two shillings a week. Left, sinister, wrong, false: bango wast, the left hand; to saulohaul bango, like a plastra-mengro, to swear bodily like a Bow-street runner.

The proper meaning of this word is anything swollen, anything big or bulky.

Bloen / Blowing, A cant word, but of Gypsy origin, signifying a sister in debauchery, as Pal denotes a brother in villainy.

A shepherd: bokkar-engro drey, the dude, man in the moon.

Rainy: brisheneskey rarde, a rainy night; brisheneskey chiros, a time of rain.

Boc (a pimple), bolg (a blister), bolgach (small-pox).

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