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The Hours director Stephen Daldry is in early talks with Disney bosses to direct an Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars spin-off.

As Ron Howard tackles the studio’s stand-alone Han Solo movie, another iconic character from the sci-fi franchise is set to get his own film - and three-time Oscar nominee Daldry appears to be the front-runner to direct, according to

You have people who are physical and want to do some crazy shit.”The events in ’96, in case you’ve forgotten, detailed in numerous first-person accounts, including Krakauer’s wildly bestselling book , involved two accomplished guides, Kiwi Rob Hall (Jason Clarke), who ran the climbing outfitter Adventure Consultants, and American Scott Fischer (Gyllenhaal), owner of outfitter Mountain Madness, and their respective expeditions.

It was the dawn of commercial climbing on Everest, and though the two men were friends away from the mountain, here they were competing for clients, media exposure, and money.

On May 10 of that year, a series of controversial decisions, along with a little bad luck, left both teams stranded in a lethal storm above 26,000 feet, in the so-called Death Zone, where oxygen is almost nonexistent and humans can’t survive for long.

The saga of the rescue attempts and of the eight people who died that day would become one of the greatest stories in modern adventure history.

But here’s the thing, and this is very important for me.

No one—it doesn’t matter who it is—is going to tell me what the plot is going to be. He was supportive and tried to give ideas and help the actors. He was a little shocked when he saw who was going to play him [Micah Hauptman]. ”GUY COTTER (mountain and safety adviser, current owner of Adventure Consultants, and friend of Rob Hall who assisted in the 1996 rescue attempts on Everest): There are multiple versions of the events, between all the people who were there [in 1996], and there are still questions about what happened high on the mountain.

When Bale said yes, we were like, Yeah, this is happening. We couldn’t make it work with Bale, but then we started thinking that this may be better as an ensemble. Kormákur is also a passionate adventurer and world-class sailor.

In a dimly lit mess tent, climbers huddle around a dinner table, sipping chhaang from tin cups, when journalist Jon Krakauer (played by actor Michael Kelly) hits his crew with the money question. Much of it was shot on location in Nepal and Val Senales, a ski resort in Italy’s Dolomites.

No one provides a good answer, and the awkward exchange is one of the most believable moments in the action flick, which rips along like Mad Max hitting the Himalayas.

Later, I caught up with Kormákur, Breashears, and others about the long journey to bring and the transcripts of the radio calls between Rob Hall and Jan Arnold.

The studio also commissioned a script, conducted extensive background research, and had noted mountaineers Ed Viesturs and David Breashears (who was brought on as a co-producer) do some filming.

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