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Just in time for Easter "I was a little bit surprised that they did take on as much media coverage as they did," Caruso said."The media took the press release hook, line and sinker without doing serious investigation.Scribes had very specific ways of doing things," Caruso said.Furthermore, several characters appeared "flipped" — a mistake that would imply they were hastily copied rather than original.Elkington and his team have argued that the codices show images of Jesus with God, as well as a map of Jerusalem, and text discussing the coming of the Messiah.

"There were inconsistencies in how they did the stroke order, which you would never have seen.

One scholar who continues to believe in the authenticity of the codices is David Elkington, described by the BBC as a scholar of ancient religious archaeology.

For months, Elkington has been trying to help the Jordanian government retrieve the codices from Israel, where they were smuggled.

I am by nature curious, quite flexible, an observer rather than a mover and shaker, solitary but social – and like keeping my options open.

In the present situation of doom and gloom I’m glad to be experimenting in this new world.

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