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Kanal is the bassist for the American rock band No Doubt.His musical work outside of the band includes producing and songwriting with artists such as reggae singer Elan Atias and No Doubt bandmate Gwen Stefani, among others.In October 1991, No Doubt began recording with producer Dito Godwin.When Interscope Records began turning songs down, No Doubt did it on their own.She later explained that he was feeling "claustrophobic" in the relationship since he did not have any previous experience being in one.

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Tony Ashwin Kanal (born 27 August 1970) is a British-American musician, record producer and songwriter.In March 2008, the band started making posts concerning the progression of the album on their official fan forum.Stefani made a post on 28 March 2008 stating that songwriting had commenced but was slow on her end because she was, at the time, pregnant with her second child.Over two years they recorded ten songs and released an album independently, that was released in 1992 as No Doubt by Interscope.When No Doubt went on hiatus, Kanal began a career behind the mixing console. Kanal then produced Elan Atias's debut album, Together as One, which was released in June 2006.

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