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Getting lazy now could wreak havoc on your smartphone or tablet, plus all the networks it’s connected to.The more time the malware has, the more it will try to manipulate your apps and data as well as steal from you.Crashing Apps: There you are, playing Angry Birds on your phone, and it suddenly crashes. Most viruses tamper with your regular operations, and it’s common for your favorite apps to crash without explanation.Make sure you update all of your apps to prevent viral interference. But if you start seeing pop-ups all the time, especially for products or services that seem suspicious, you may want to check for a virus. Virus-based pop-ups are almost always designed to make your device even sicker.Unwanted Apps: True to its name, Trojans download apps that may look legitimate.

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Data Usage: The first sign that your phone has a virus is the rapid depletion of its data.

It’s particularly common among Android users who find unusual charges in the “SMS” category.

Their gadget is infected with malware and sends messages to premium-rate numbers.

The ban includes 857 sites, according to local reports that cited telecoms companies.

The full list has been posted online by the Centre for Internet & Society, in a document that many have pointed out is a hugely comprehensive list of many of the most popular porn sites.

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