Infj and infj dating

Contact us with any questions and we will be happy to assist you.If you’re interested in learning more about the individual assessments, explore the different assessments, and visit our blog to learn more about which assessments might be right for you.These individuals place a lot of value on dependability and firmly aim to be the one that others can turn to with a task knowing that it will be successfully completed.This is the type of individual who would rather stay late at the office finishing off a project than to have to ask for an extension.This person brings a rational approach to almost every situation, and that includes romantic endeavors.

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When entering into a relationship, it is a given that this individual intends to be monogamous, faithful, and virtually traditional in most respects.

Cheating wouldn’t cross ISTJ’s mind because it blatantly goes against all of his or her beliefs.

The ISTJ may struggle to decline because they don’t like to let others down.

“Duty fulfillers” are peace-loving individuals and will go to great lengths to avoid confrontation.

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