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Archaeologists have recovered more than five tons of pieces from Old Europe sites.

The household pottery decorated in diverse, complex styles suggested the practice of elaborate at-home dining rituals.

Before Sumer, Crete or the Maltese civilization, there was “Old Europe”, or the Turdash-Vinca culture…

a forgotten, rather than lost civilization that lies at the true origin of most of our ancient civilizations.

Huge serving bowls on stands were typical of the culture’s “socializing of food presentation,” Dr. At first, the absence of elite architecture led scholars to assume that Old Europe had little or no hierarchical power structure.

This was dispelled by the graves in the Varna cemetery. Anthony said this was “the best evidence for the existence of a clearly distinct upper social and political rank.” Vladimir Slavchev, a curator at the Varna Regional Museum of History, said the “richness and variety of the Varna grave gifts was a surprise,” even to the Bulgarian archaeologist Ivan Ivanov, who directed the discoveries.

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