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Their paths converged, in large part, thanks to a woman named , but they also converged because Courtney recognized a way to break the cycle of neglect that had nearly destroyed him as a child.Courtney was preparing for his senior season as one of the leading tacklers on an improving Kentucky squad that was seeking to make a bowl game in back-to-back seasons for the first time since 2011.He stuffed his things into a backpack, locked his bedroom door, pulled out the window screen, crawled onto the roof and shimmied down the outside of the house until he fell to the ground.His adrenaline pumping and his fingers scraped, he limped several blocks down the street to where his grandparents lived.He called his father, who sent a cousin to pick him up.Courtney took one last glimpse at his mother's house, at the police car his mother had called for after realizing he was missing, and resolved to become a better kid. "And not even looking back." Over the summer, not long after the rock star named Courtney Love facetiously tweeted about being recognized for the accomplishments of the University of Kentucky linebacker named Courtney Love—a coincidence that has trailed the latter Courtney Love nearly all of his life and has drawn incredulous stares and guffaws from airport security agents examining his driver's license—the latter Courtney Love met an eight-year-old boy named Antonio Mc Kinney.

He was a powerful speaker, so much so that he had once wowed the audience at a football banquet while only a junior at Youngstown's Cardinal Mooney High School."And get out of there." Courtney waited all night, until 5 or 6 a.m.the next day, when the house was quiet and still and his mother was asleep.It was Courtney's father who encouraged his son to go out of state and get far away from home for college.(Courtney played one season at Nebraska before transferring to Kentucky.) Even now, Courtney winds up talking to his father for hours on the phone several days a week—sometimes, if a teammate is struggling, he'll actually put them on the phone with his father to have them talk through their issues.

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