Kickboxer 2 castellano online dating

This was to be the last film Van Damme and Qissi made together, but Qissi did go on to reprise his role as Tong Po in Kickboxer 2.

In 2014, Qissi made the movie Bara, in which he played a double role as Bara and Hamza.

She was active in theater, band, and winter guard in high school.In 1989, Qissi and Van Damme teamed up again for the film Kickboxer, in which Van Damme was the protagonist once more and Qissi the film's main villain, Tong Po.1990 saw the pair make the film Lionheart, in which Qissi's brother, Abdel, played the villain.Despite her mother's pleas to stay in school, Maria gave birth to a son at the age of 11.Do you want to automatically post your Mail Online comments to your Facebook Timeline?

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