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We previously showed that Hsv2 binds with an approx.20 times higher affinity to small unilamellar vesicles (SUVs) containing either Ptd Ins3P or Ptd Ins(3,5)P.Stopped-flow measurements suggest that initial PROPPIN-membrane binding is driven by non-specific PIP interactions.

Here we worked with recombinant expressed Pichia angusta (Hansenula polymorpha) Atg18 because S.

Furthermore, we performed liposome-Atg18 cross-linking experiments and detected several peptide-lipid cross-links by mass spectrometry.

We also identified several intermolecular cross-linked Atg18 peptides indicating Atg18-Atg18 interactions.

Native mass spectrometry confirmed the formation of Atg18 oligomers.

We further investigated these findings employing FRET based stopped-flow measurements, which showed that Atg18 rapidly oligomerizes upon membrane binding.

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