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Thank you for your continuing support and interest in live organ music.I look forward to personally welcoming you at the next ORGANIX concert. Please check often for announcements, either here or on the facebook page.Please “like” ORGANIX CONCERTS on facebook so that you can get the most immediate information on upcoming events.In 2018, ORGANIX will present 30 concerts and will continue its bi-weekly noon concerts in collaboration with the Anglican church of All Saints Kingsway.Eventually, noon day concerts will include Our Lady of Sorrows and once this happens, there will be noonday concerts every Wednesday in the Kingsway.Investing in your relationship with your boss is hugely valuable — plenty of business gets done at lunches with managers, in ways that you might never predict, and opportunities to talk with your boss informally often come with opportunities for feedback, mentoring, and overall insight into your company’s work that will be enormously useful to you.

Three special Gala Concert performances are scheduled and will include a return engagement by Eugenio Maria Fagiani (Italy).” That said, it’s not a bad idea to occasionally have lunch with coworkers, even if you don’t do it most of the time.It’s an investment in your relationships at work, can that can pay off in terms of your professional relationships, ability to get things done in your office, networking when you leave this job, and the way you’re perceived.And yes, it might feel annoying that you have to do that, but some relationships work that way, and it’s in your interests to recognize that reality. Are her invitations only occasional, or is she suggesting lunch regularly?That doesn’t mean you need to eat with them every day or every week, but once a quarter or so isn’t a bad idea. Assuming it’s only occasional, you should really suck it up and go.

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