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Whilst much of this article is still relevant, we’d also suggest consulting some more recent reviews of the KDP program to make sure you have a balanced view.] 3.Increased cross-promotion When people download your book, it starts appearing in the “People who bought this book also boughtÖ..” and “Recommended for you” sections, further increasing visibility.After 9 months of writing, the moment had finally arrived to send my book out to the world.Remembering the encouragement of several ‘real’ authors much braver than I am, I hit the button.[Please note: Since this original post was written, Amazon has changed their ranking system.Your book will no longer stay in the normal ‘best sellers’ based on free sales.Minimalist formatting is necessary because users can increase or decrease the text size on their Kindle / i Pad, so font size, page numbers and coloured headings become irrelevant. e Lance or 99 Designs are good for this, or you can do it yourself if youíre game. The second time around, free downloads were lower overall, but I did see another big increase in downloads after the promotional period ended. Bonus resource: A fantastic, easy-to-read post from Notes In Spanish about how Ben Curtis published his book (this is what got me started): Will this work for everyone? Your mileage may vary, and everyoneís book will be different.You can find all of Amazon’s formatting guidelines here. I purchased a photo from i Stock for , which gives me license for up to 499,999 book sales. I do believe that KDP Select is, if nothing else, a fantastic way to experiment with price points, get your book out into the world, and have some fun.

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Authors and information agents – go make it happen!

This is similar to e Bay’s “We recommend..” or Youtube’s “Recommended videos” cross-promotion: addictive, aren’t they? Reviews bring more authenticity to your book More downloads = more people reading = more reviews.

I still don’t have a ton of them, but a few stars next to your book makes a difference for fence-sitters.

When it went “free” on the Kindle store, it said FREE.

This meant an ‘discount’ during the free period, as opposed to books which were normally 99c, and are then free during promotion (99c discount). Getting in the top twenty lists, and staying there after the promotional period When someone downloads your book (for free or paid), it moves up the charts.

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