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As much as I loved the drive, I was a bit pressed for time so I had figured that if I took the bus I would have a better chance at getting there on time.

It seems that every time I drive to Tennessee, I find myself in a dirty book store or adult theater getting my kicks teasing and playing adult games with strangers, truckers, perverts and anyone else I can control with my slim, toned little body.

I quickly put my hand behind me knowing full well the young ‘Rican behind me would not stop until he bumped into me and I was not going to give him the chance to mesh his crotch into my ass and I had certainly called that one as he nearly knocked me over when he made contact.

“I so sorry, so sorry.” He consistently repeated as he grabbed my shoulders and held me as if to keep me from falling but kept his crotch tight against me.

I became momentarily mesmerized by those light brown glass globes with which he was using to attempt some social connection.

I was not falling for it, I had told myself but it was too late.

I pulled out a little camp pillow and sat back down. I grabbed his neck and pulled him forward, propped a knee up on the seat and pulled his head into my breasts. I just started to doze off when the bus took a heavy dive down and then back up, practically bouncing us all out of our seats.

I handed the pillow to my ‘rican friend next to me but he protested. I put the pillow against the wall and pushed his head back into it. My boy’s hand was now against my bare belly and his had made its way inside my sweats, in fact I could tell it was right my airstrip.

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I wasn’t sure but it seemed to be getting harder the more I thought about it so I gave him a push to let him know that I was aware of his close proximity.

In line I found myself chatting it up with a cute young man from Puerto Rico although I he think we was a mix of ‘Rican and Russian but he had a great sense of humor and an incessant need to take care of me I can’t imagine he was attracted to me as I was dressed in nothing but a pair of sweats, though they did hug the curves of my ass and thighs quite nicely and a knit sweater with no bra.

We weren’t able to talk about anything of much depth due to our language barrier but he was very polite as he tried to get me to go in front of him as the line moved but I was happy to stay behind and watch his hot little ass in front of me.

I had already felt a twinge in my panties that I was desperately trying to rid as I took the last step up to the floor of the bus and tried desperately not to bump anyone as those ahead of me slowly caught an empty seat and stashed away their belongings in the compartment above.

The lane began to clear and I started to quickly move to the back but the old man in front of me stopped short and I did as well.

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