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The pupils can be encouraged to give the date of their family's birthday, allowing them to review family vocabulary together with the use of the possessive 's. We would write and say the date as Monday 12th, January, 2006 and this is abbreviated as . To avoid duplicate boards, depending on the number of children in the group, you can use parts of the calendar or have them work in pairs or groups.

But the Gallup survey also found that teens thought some interracial couples—always involving a black partner—faced potentially greater friction from their respective racial and ethnic groups about their relationships.

This Valentine’s Day, the Academic Division invites you to attend Kent’s first strictly professional Speed-dating event.

This will be a fun event on 14th February 2018 mirroring the well-known speed-dating format!

Ludwig says such parental wariness is not unusual, given blacks' dimmer view of the state of U. "The experience of living as a black person and as a white person in this country is quite different, despite substantial progress since the 1960s." Ludwig and Yancey both agree that interdating is unlikely to increase significantly over the coming decade.

"It's not increasing as fast as some people might be thinking," says Yancey, who says that U. trends overall are trailing media depictions of the phenomenon.

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