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The voyagers passed by the Australian coast indicated by a large land with a lack of fresh water and the presence of black people.

The aim of the voyage was to deposit the people being banished in unpopulated land.

However this article is about a particular NZ example, with some general observations thrown in.

The following is an example of an oral history supported by records held in Scotland.

In that, perhaps it was a more successful settlement than was the Viking settlement at Brattahild in Greenland.

(the big cattle farmer) was delivered by three seagoing longships (birlinns? Banishment was not an uncommon feature of the times and in this case the term was for seven generations after he had been incacerated in a dungeon for three years already by his friend King Alexander I of Scotland (reigned 1107-1124AD).

There was plentiful loose rock suitable for building a dwelling in the style of a Scottish black house capable of housing 45 people plus animals.

Why such treatment was metted out remains the knowledge of modern descendants.Taine in old Gaelic is apparently pronounced the same as Tane in Maori.(The written Maori language is just an Anglicised/Germanic spelling of the oral language Maoris were using when the English language oriented modern European settlement started.Very ancient written records in Europe and the old world confirm knowledge that New Zealand and Australia existed.However getting access to and acknowledgement of these records is difficult.

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