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“The [Uber or Lyft] guy who is driving to the airport for has lost money.

We want our drivers to earn a proper wage.” Cab driver Ronald Blount, who leads the Taxi Workers Alliance of Pennsylvania, applauded the effort, but he said it isolates companies that aren’t participating.

Read: Nvidia adds Google Assistant to Shield streaming device in challenge to Apple TV Shapiro said Nvidia will release the Pegasus hardware by the second half of 2018.

Shapiro did not say what other companies it would be working with, but the new hardware could attract customers such as Uber and Lyft, as well as many of their smaller rivals.

The Drive PX platform currently boasts 225 partners, more than 25 of which are working on self-driving taxis.

Other tech titans, such as the Waymo unit of Alphabet Inc.

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Starting now and rolling out into January, several Philadelphia cab-dispatching companies have joined forces, combining technology and branding under the 215-GET-A-CAB name so that anyone who downloads the app can get the same type of service provided by Uber or Lyft — minus the surge pricing. Insiders say it amounted to deer-in the-cab-lights syndrome: By the time Philly’s stunned taxi industry recognized the threat from Uber and Lyft, it had already been run over, losing customers as their investments went from bounding to dead-end.

The hardware, dubbed Nvidia Drive PX Pegasus, specifically targets the self-driving taxi industry, where private firms such as Uber Technologies Inc. By 2030, Goldman predicts the global ride-hailing industry will grow to 5 billion.

With cabs, “if you want to tie your shoes, you have to get permission,” he said.

So when Uber and Lyft added thousands of vehicles to Philly’s transit mix, Abitbol and other cab executives hoped, in vain, that the Philadelphia Parking Authority, which regulates city cabs, would boot those companies, which described themselves as ride-sharing services not subject to regulation.

Sometimes, medallion owners drive taxis, but they often lease cabs to drivers, who pay expenses such as gas, repairs and fees for dispatch and bookkeeping to companies such as Freedom and 215-GET-A-CAB.

The new venture is essentially a combination of dispatch services.

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