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He also hints at juicy secrets about cast member Judith Light (Claire Meade) and new relationships.Ana Ortiz (Hilda Suarez) talks about acting through her real-life pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Gio's feelings for Betty deepen, and Christina might be having a lot of Bradhelmina's demon spawn. - Amanda receives some confusing words from a psychic, which lead her to believe she inherited a giant tongue.

Oh, and Marc sluts around and then proposes to Cliff. Sadly, Naomi does not beat Lindsay with her phone, or a baseball bat.

- Betty vanquishes Kimmie for the nonce with Marc and Amanda helping her to be evil, Cliff makes an appearance, and Daniel and Wilhelmina strike a balance -- but Daniel's got some tricks up his sleeve. - While Hilda makes eyes with (and cuts ears off of) Justin's gym teacher, Daniel finds redemption through work, Christina learns the genesis of the demon spawn growing inside her, and Betty tries to befriend Charlie.

Pretty much the only way in animation to make someone ugly or unusual looking is to do it deliberately and without subtlety.

This character is not just unattractive, they're absurdly ugly.

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